About Our Office

Quality Staff

The staff at St. Charles Endodontics is fully committed to providing you with the highest quality, most comfortable treatment available. Our practice's experienced and compassionate professionals will ensure they are doing everything possible to accommodate your individual needs.

All members of the staff maintain their accreditation in order to stay current in the field of Endodontics and continue providing you with the best treatment available. Everyone at St. Charles Endodontics puts the patient first, because if your needs and wants aren't being met, we're not doing our jobs.

State of the Art Technology

Our new office uses the most recent technology available: a Cone Beam CT scanner and a dental microscope. By using the latest technology in the field of Endodontics, Dr. Habas ensures that you receive the best treatment dentistry can offer. The benefits of the Cone Beam CT scanner and the dental microscope are undeniable.

  • The Cone Beam CT scanner gives Dr. Habas 3-dimensional data so he can more effectively diagnose endodontic conditions. It also gives off a fraction of the radiation of a traditional x-ray.
  • The dental microscope's magnification and fiber-optic illumination increases Dr. Habas' precision and efficiency. It helps avoid discomfort during and after the procedure, as well as possibly preventing additional treatment.

For more information on the technology used at St. Charles Endodontics, click here.

Comfortable Treatment

The members of our friendly, caring and accommodating staff work well with each other and with you, the patient, to ensure that your experience at St. Charles Endodontics is as pleasant as possible. Dr. Habas does as much as he can to provide a positive atmosphere so you feel comfortable before, during and after your endodontic treatment.

Everyone at St. Charles Endodontics is not only friendly but also an experienced professional. You can be sure we are giving you the highest quality treatment with a compassionate touch.