Our Technology

CT Scanner

Dr. Habas uses 3-dimensional Cone Beam CT scans. These scans, which represent the latest in dental technology, help dentists to better detect endodontic conditions like abscess formations, making them easier to treat.

The benefits of Cone Beam CT scans are innumerable.

  • The Cone Beam CT scan gives off 80% less radiation than a traditional x-ray.
  • Unlike a regular x-ray, a CT scan can discriminate the difference between various tissues, bone, teeth, nerves and soft tissue. This is possible because x-rays use a linear beam, whereas a CT uses a cone shaped beam for a more comprehensive look.
  • The Cone Beam CT allows Dr. Habas to more easily identify infections and even tumors. Because these conditions are more easily diagnosable with a CT scanner, it can eliminate the need for more complex surgery that would be necessary without this technology.
  • Cone Beam CT scanners are a cost-effective way of identifying a wide range of dental issues. The efficiency of these CT scanners allows for cheaper treatment, saving you money.


Dental Microscopes provide magnification unavailable to the naked eye. The fiber-optic illumination allows endodontists to see much better than with a regular light.

  • The improved accuracy offered by the increased magnification and illumination of a microscope allows the dentists more precision for both cleaning canals and effectively treating endodontic conditions.
  • More precision results in reduced trauma to the mouth during a procedure, as well as less discomfort during and after the procedure. Reduced trauma translates to easier healing and a reduced chance of needing additional treatment.
  • Increased magnification allows Dr. Habas to use smaller instruments. By using smaller instruments, he can make more precise incisions and sutures. This minimizes the surgical site, which in turn minimizes discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • As Dr. Habas uses the microscope to see better, he can more easily detect, diagnose, treat and prevent more serious conditions.
  • The heightened efficiency saves you money on potential extra or more serious treatments, treatments that Dr. Habas can avoid as a result of this technology.