"This was my first root canal. I went in with no pain or sensitivity. Detected infection on crowned molar. I decided to get it done before any flare ups. This would be my advise to anyone who is not experiencing pain, but told that you need a root canal. Dr. Habas's staff is outstanding. They made me feel very comfortable and explained all procedure information. Dr Habas is the best! He was very caring and gentle with procedure. I was nervous and soon found myself somewhat getting in a relaxed state. He was very thorough and determined to find my fourth canal. On my second visit he located it with less than five minutes. The wave clean machine seemed long, but it was the best for thorough cleaning. On both visits I never experienced any pain during or after procedure. I liked that he personally contacted me to see how I was doing and encouraged me to call if any changes. I have told all my friends about Dr. Habas and his expertise work."

-- K. Bentson

"Dr. Habas did a wonderful job. This was the first root canal that I have had and did not know what to expect. He was very thoughtful in all of his explanations and very concerned to make sure that the procedure would be painless. He took the time to answer all of my questions. His staff, Amy and Karen, also did a great job. I have already recommended his practice to a friend who may need to have a root canal. This experience has taken the all the apprehension out of having a root canal done."

-- Brian

"I hadn't been to a dentist in years, and upon my recent visit, found out I had to get a root canal (oops!). My dentist recommended Dr. Habas to me, and I'm really glad she did. Dr. Habas was very understanding about my situation and did not judge me for not visiting the dentist in so many years. My root canal was quick and easy. I am now all healed and pain-free thanks to him."

-- W. Simmons

"Dr. Habas and his staff are so friendly! I had some problems with my insurance. In short, working with them was a pain. Dr. Habas made some phone calls and helped me out with my insurance because he knew my tooth was causing me so much pain. He really knows how to put himself in the perspective of a patient. I recommend him to all of my friends."

-- S. Levin

"First of all, I really like the office in St. Charles Endodontics. It's brand-new and painted with soothing colors, so I can relax as I wait for my appointment. The decorations are tastefully done and get my mind off the root canal I'm about to have!

Secondly, they have impressive technology (I feel better when doctors use new dental machines on me…) and Dr. Habas has an amazing amount of knowledge about tooth structure and the like! I am very pleased with St. Charles Endodontics."

-- R. Schmidt

"Scheduling an appointment was super easy with this office! They really went out of their way to accommodate my work schedule to perform a direly-needed root canal on my upper molar. The doctor was also very nice—he explained proper brushing and flossing techniques so that I could prevent having more root canals. The staff was very nice to me as well, and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me since I am a new patient. Thanks very much everyone!"

-- B. Richards

"Thank you for your very caring treatment! You are unique!"

-- Anonymous